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Coral reefs are one of the most iconic ecosystems on the planet, yet are under severe stress from a variety of threats. Billions of people depend on these reefs worldwide for their food, livelihoods, and culture and in turn societies shape reef environments. It is therefore imperative that we better understand reef processes and equitable governance of coral reefs to ensure the long term future of reef dependent societies and ecosystems. Our group unites disciplines across the natural and social sciences to deliver new insights and potential solutions for this rapidly changing socio-ecological system.
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The Life Scientific
by BBC

The sounds of coral reefs

BBC Radio 4: The Life Scientific, Interview with Dr Tim Lamont, 4th October 2022

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Climate Curious: What’s going on with fish in West Africa?

Climate Curious: What’s going on with fish in West Africa?

Episode six, Season two of the Climate Curious podcast with Christina Hicks, 14th July 2021 “It’s as close as 2025 that the nutrients available in West...

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Fisheries, food and climate

The Food Thinkers webinar, ‘Fishery Contributions to Food and Nutrition Security under a Changing Climate’, 29th June 2021

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