Dr Antonio Allegretti

Lancaster University

Email: a.allegretti@lancaster.ac.uk

Antonio is a Lecturer at Lancaster Environment Centre and a member of the REEFS group working with Christina Hicks for the FAIRFISH project (ERC Starter Grant). Antonio has a PhD in Anthropology (Manchester) and long-standing research experience and research networks in East Africa (Tanzania and Kenya) having worked in the region for nearly fifteen years. He has done academic research on rural livelihoods among pastoralist and fishing communities, as well as policy-oriented research on climate adaptation and resilience, and water management, contributing to multi-stakeholder policy debates in Tanzania. Before joining LEC, he has worked as a research consultant for the International Institute for Environment and Development and taught in Tanzania at St. Augustine University.

Research Interests

Antonio’s primary interests are the transformations underway in rural Africa, particularly Tanzania, the multi-faceted consequences of intersecting social, cultural and economic spheres between the local and the global, and the policy-related aspects of rural development and livelihoods in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Selected Publications

  • Allegretti A & Greene S (2022) Water sector reform, climate change and climate-resilient planning in central Tanzania. IIED Working Paper, London.
  • Allegretti A (2022) Policy and practice in rural Tanzania. Grazing, fishing, farming at the local-global interface. White Horse Press; Winwick, Cambridgeshire.
  • Allegretti A (2019) “We are here to make money”: New terrains of identity and community in small-scale fisheries in Lake Victoria, Tanzania. Journal of Rural Studies 70: 49-57.
  • Allegretti A (2018) Respatializing culture, recasting gender in peri-urban sub-Saharan Africa: Maasai ethnicity and the ‘cash economy’ at the rural-urban interface, Tanzania. Journal of Rural Studies 60: 122-129.
  • Allegretti A (2017) ‘Being Maasai’ in markets and trade: the role of ethnicity-based institutions in the livestock market of Northern Tanzania. Nomadic Peoples 21(1): 63-86.
  • Msangi A, Rutabingwa J, Kaiza V and Allegretti A (2014) Community and government: planning together for climate resilient growth. Issues and opportunities from Longido, Monduli and Ngorongoro districts, Northern Tanzania. IIED Working Paper, London.