Camilla Labonte

Lancaster University


Camilla is a Masters by Research student at Lancaster Environment Centre, funded by the Bertarelli Foundation. She completed her BSc (Hons) degree in Ocean Science and Marine Conservation at the University of Plymouth in the UK. Following her undergraduate degree, Camilla volunteered as Scientific Staff aboard the SA Aghulhas II during an oceanographic expedition to Saya de Malha in the Indian Ocean (Leg 2) led by Monaco Explorations. She has also worked as a Science Officer at the Seychelles Island Foundation (SIF) where she contributed the research and conservation efforts on Aldabra Atoll UNESCO world heritage site. Camilla’s current research focuses on understanding the link between seabird-derived macronutrient inputs to micronutrient concentrations and yield in reef fish.

Research Interests

Camilla’s Masters by Research project is supervised by Prof Nick Graham and Dr Casey Benkwitt. Her work will investigate the influence of seabird macronutrient influence on the micronutrient concentrations and yield in coral reef fishes in the nearshore marine ecosystem. Camilla’s study involves fieldwork in her home country, Seychelles as well as laboratory analyses at the Lancaster Environment Centre. This research endeavours to enhance our knowledge of cross ecosystem nutrient transfer and has broader implications for food security and conservation.

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