Dr Cristina Ruano-Chamorro

Lancaster University

Email: c.ruanochamorro@lancaster.ac.uk

Cristina is an environmental social scientist interested in environmental justice, natural resource governance and food systems. In November 2023, she started working as a senior research associate on fisheries governance and finance in West Africa alongside Christina Hicks and Felix Conteh at the Lancaster Environment Centre. Prior to this, Cristina obtained a PhD focused on equity and small-scale fisheries management at James Cook University in Australia.

Research Interests

Cristina is interested in investigating people’s experiences of injustice resulting from environmental governance, what factors cause it and what are its implications for resource sustainability and human well-being. She has a particular interest in small-scale fisheries and how power structures and dynamics shape food sovereignty, nutrition, livelihoods and sustainability. In her current work, Cristina examines how finance is driving the exploitation of small pelagic fisheries and the fishmeal and fish oil industry in West Africa and the associated socio-environmental impacts.

Selected Publications

  • Ruano-Chamorro, C., Gurney, G., Barnes, M.L., Gelcich, S., & Cinner, J. (2023). Disparities in the impacts of co-management on fishers’ livelihoods. Sustainability Science.
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  • Ruano-Chamorro, C., Gurney, G., Cinner, J. (2022). Advancing procedural justice in conservation. Conservation Letters. e12891.
  • Rojas, C., Cinner, J., Lau, J., Ruano-Chamorro, C., Contreras-Drey, F.J., Gelcich, S. An Experimental look at trust, bargaining, and public goods in fishing communities.  Scientific Reports11, 20798.
  • Gelcich S., Martinez-Harms, M.J., Tapia-Lewin, S., Lavin, F., Ruano-Chamorro, C. (2019). Co-management of small-scale fisheries and ecosystem services. Conservation Letters 12:e12637.
  • Ruano-Chamorro, C., Castilla, J.C. & Gelcich, S (2018). Human dimensions of Marine Hydrokinetic Energies: current knowledge and research gaps. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.
  • Ruano-Chamorro, C., Dulce Subida, M. & Fernández, M. (2017). Fishers’ perception: an alternative source of information to assess the data-poor benthic small-scale fisheries of Central Chile. Ocean & Coastal Management 146: 67-76.