Emma Awuku-Sowah

Lancaster University


Email: e.awuku-sowah@lancaster.ac.uk

Emma is a transdisciplinary researcher working on connections between ecosystem interventions and public health. After completing a BSc in Biochemistry at KNUST in Ghana, she pursued graduate studies in Environmental Change and Management at the University of Oxford; and in Education with the University of Dundee. Originally from Ghana, she currently teaches part-time courses in Biology for Health Studies as well as Environmental Science. Her previous research work was done in conjunction with the UNEP-WCMC, and was centred on the assessment of the impacts of ecological interventions on the access to ‘basic material for a good life’ in vulnerable societies. She is currently supervised in her PhD research by Dr Nigel Watson (LEC) and Prof Nick Graham (LEC).

Research Interests

Emma is interested broadly in the social dimensions of environmental science practice, particularly in the appraisal of the effectiveness environmental interventions with respect to expected improvements in crucial ecosystem services. She is keen on exploring unconventional avenues for health and livelihoods enhancements that align with typical ecological conservation goals in poor, marginalised regions of the tropics. Her current research focuses on evaluating mangrove ecosystem interventions for their health impacts, using malaria incidence as a proxy for health and wellbeing, within subsistence communities in the catchment of the Volta Estuary in Ghana. She is keen on research collaborations geared towards the perfection of approaches for co-production of knowledge on how to best integrate ecosystems conservation into health and well-being enhancement strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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