Dr. Gareth Lennox

Lancaster University

Email: celten@gmail.com

Gareth is a Senior Research Associate at Lancaster Environment Centre. He completed his PhD in theoretical ecology at the University of Sheffield in 2015, and he has an undergraduate degree in mathematics and master’s degree in ecology from the University of St. Andrews.

Research Interests

There are two primary strands to Gareth’s research. He uses techniques from optimization theory to address theoretical questions of policy significance at the intersection of ecology and economics. He also uses statistical and GIS techniques to understand the ecological consequences of anthropogenic stressors across tropical ecosystems. He is especially interested in questions that bridge the theoretical-empirical divide to uncover innovative methods to conserve nature.

Selected Publications

  • Lennox GD, Gardner TA, Thomson JR, …, Barlow J (2018) Second rate or a second chance? Assessing biomass and biodiversity recovery in regenerating Amazonian forests. Global Change Biology 12: 5680-5694
  • Lennox GD*, Ferreira J*, Gardner TA, …, Barlow J (2018) Carbon-focused conservation may fail to protect the most biodiverse tropical forests. Nature Climate Change 8: 744-749. *Co-equal first authors
  • Barlow J, França F, Gardner TA, Hicks CC, Lennox GD, …, Graham NAJ (2018) The future of hyperdiverse tropical ecosystems. Nature 559: 517-526
  • Lennox GD, Fargione J, Spector S, Williams G, Armsworth PR (2017) The value of flexibility in conservation financing. Conservation Biology, 31: 666-674
  • Barlow J, Lennox GD, Ferreira J, …, Gardner TA (2016) Anthropogenic disturbance in tropical forests can double biodiversity loss from deforestation. Nature, 535: 144-157
  • Hanley N, Banerjee S, Lennox GD, Armsworth PR (2014) Incentives, private ownership and biodiversity conservation. In: Nature in the Balance: The Economics of Biodiversity. Oxford University Press, UK
  • Lennox GD, Acs S, Gaston KJ, Dallimer M, Hanley N, Armsworth PR (2013) Conservation when landowners have bargaining power: competition and cost uncertainty. Ecological Economics 93: 69-78
  • Lennox GD, Armsworth PR (2013) The ability of landowners and their cooperatives to gain surplus from conservation contracts. Conservation Biology 27: 625-634
  • Lennox GD, Dallimer M, Armsworth PR (2012) Landowners’ ability to leverage in negotiations over habitat conservation. Theoretical Ecology 5: 115-128
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