Dr Jens Christiansen

Lancaster University

Email: j.christiansen@lancaster.ac.uk

Jens is a transdisciplinary social scientist and completed his PhD at Lancaster Environment Centre, supervised by Christina Hicks and Patrick Bigger. More specifically, he focused on the political economy of natural resources and development as well as economic history. He investigated the drivers of the Blue Economy and how financial innovation in the Blue Economy aims at realising the triple bottom line: social, economic and environmental sustainability.

What’s next?

Selected Publications

  • Christiansen J, Schutter M (2019) Riding the waves of the Blue Economy: Implications for impact investors. The Journal of Environmental Investing 9: 34-43
  • Høst J, Christiansen J (2018) Nordic fisheries in transition – future challenges to management and recruitment. Copenhagen: Nordisk Ministerråd. https://doi.org/10.6027/TN2018-545.