Dr. Marleen Schutter

University of Washington EarthLab and WorldFish

Email: m.schutter@cgiar.org

Marleen joined the LEC Reefs team in 2016 as a PhD student within the Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC), where she was supervised by Christina Hicks (LEC), Jacob Phelps (LEC), and Claire Waterton (Sociology). Marleen’s research was about the extent to which the evolving landscape of ocean governance contributes to the representation and alignment of different values, world views and images of the actors involved. More specifically, she focused on the concepts of ecosystem services and the emergent blue economy and how these manifest themselves across different scales.

What’s next?

Marleen is currently based at WorldFish, as a postdoctoral researcher within the Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Center at the University of Washington. Her research investigates relationships between people and the sea, aiming to address equity and justice issues in the blue economy.

Selected Publications

  • Schutter MS, Hicks CC, Phelps J, Belmont C (2021) Disentangling ecosystem services preferences and values. World Development 146: 105621
  • Schutter MS, Hicks CC, Phelps J, Waterton C (2021) The blue economy as a boundary object for hegemony across scales. Marine Policy 132: 104673
  • Schutter MS, Hicks CC (2020) Speaking across boundaries to explore the potential for interdisciplinarity in ecosystem services knowledge production. Conservation Biology 35(4): 1198-1209
  • Schutter MS, Hicks CC (2019) Networking the Blue Economy in Seychelles: pioneers, resistance, and the power of influence. Journal of Political Ecology 26: 425-447
  • Christiansen J, Schutter M (2019) Riding the waves of the Blue Economy: implications for impact investors. The Journal of Environmental Investing 9: 34-43