Dr Rachel Gunn

Lancaster University

Email: rachel.gunn@uni-tuebingen.de

Rachel was an ENVISION DTP NERC funded PhD student at Lancaster Environment Centre, supervised by Dr Sally Keith, Dr Ian Hartley and Dr Adam Algar (University of Nottingham). Rachel’s research focused on the behavioural ecology, specifically individual differences in behaviour/personality in response to climate change, and macroecology, considering how distributions of reef fish may change under future climatic conditions.

What’s next?

Rachel is working as a postdoctoral researcher in the Animal Evolutionary Ecology department at Tübingen University in Germany. She will be conducting research, focussing on fish behaviour in response to environmental changes.

Selected Publications

  • Gunn RL, Benkwitt CE, Graham NAJ, Hartley IR, Algar AC, Keith SA (2023) Terrestrial invasive species alter marine vertebrate behaviour. Nature Ecology and Conservation.
  • Gunn RL, Hartley IR, Algar AC, Nadiarti N & Keith SA (2022) Variation in the behaviour of an obligate corallivore is influenced by resource availability. Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology 76: 24.
  • Gunn RL, Hartley IR, Algar AC, Niemela PT & Keith SA (2021) Understanding behavioural responses to human-induced rapid environmental change: a meta-analysis. Oikos 4: e08366.