Samantha Jane Howlett

Lancaster University


Samantha has a broad base in general ecology, having worked on a number of both terrestrial and marine projects. Her BSc (University of Gloucestershire) and MSc (UCL) work explored how anthropogenic impacts affected movement and habitat selection for pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) in North America, MT. Some of her other work includes being the Science Coordinator for Global Vision International’s marine monitoring project on Mahé, Seychelles, and her previous position as a scientific assistant at the Latvian Research Institute “Silava” involved monitoring of large carnivores and investigating the impact of ungulates on forestry. Her current work for her PhD at Lancaster University is looking at how climatic disruptions affect grazing and herbivory rates on coral reefs, and exploring bottom-up drivers to changes to fish abundance and distribution. The project is funded by the BNP Paribas and is part of the REEF Services project conducted through Le Centre de Recherches Insulaires et Observatoire de l’Environnement (CRIOBE) in Moorea, French Polynesia. Samantha is supervised by Prof Nick Graham (LEC) and Dr Valeriano Parravicini (EPHE).

Research Interests

Samantha’s work involves analysing long-term coral reef monitoring data in French Polynesia to understand how changes to herbivorous fish communities following various disturbance events affects ecosystem processes; namely grazing and bioerosion. Part of this work includes looking at how climatic disruptions change the nutritional landscape for large roving herbivorous fishes, and how these changes to available resources may explain the observed patterns in changes to fish abundance and distribution. Since her background is very broad, her current work draws on general ecological themes, and takes inspiration from studies applied to a range of ecosystems and taxa.

Other Profiles

Selected Publications

  • Robinson JPW, McDevitt-Irwin JM, Dajka JC, Hadj-Hammou J, Howlett S, Graba-Landry A, Hoey AS, Nash KL, Wilson SK, Graham NAJ (2019) Habitat and fishing control grazing potential on coral reefs. Functional Ecology
  • Prieditis A, Howlett SJ, Baumanis J, Bagrade G, Done G, Jansons A, Neimane U, Ornicans A, Stepanova A, Smits A, Zunna A (2017) Quantification of Deer Browsing in summer and Its Importance for Game Management in Latvia. Baltic Forestry 23: 423-431
  • Howlett SJ, Stafford R, Waller M, Antha S, Mason-Parker C (2016) Linking protection with the distribution of grouper and habitat quality in Seychelles. Journal of Marine Sciences
  • Stafford R, Clitherow TJ, Howlett SJ, Spiers EK, Williams RL, Yaselga B, Valarezo SZ, Izurieta DFV, Cornejo M (2016) An integrated evaluation of potential management processes on marine reserves in continental Ecuador based on a Bayesian belief network model. Ocean & Coastal Management 121: 60-69
  • Bagrade G, Ruņģis DE, Ornicāns A, Šuba J, Žunna A, Howlett SJ, Lūkins M, Gailīte A, Stepanova A, Done G, Gaile A (2016) Status assessment of Eurasian lynx in Latvia linking genetics and demography—a growing population or a source–sink process? Mammal Research 61: 337-352
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