Dr Sarah Martin

Lancaster University

Email: sarahmartinemails@gmail.com

Sarah is a Senior Research Associate at Lancaster Environment Centre and a member of the REEFS group working with Nick Graham on the EU COMFORT project. Before joining the Lancaster Environment Centre, Sarah worked for the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission in Seychelles, the Marine Stewardship Council and MRAG. She also held a position as a visiting research associate at Imperial College, University of London, where she completed a PhD in small-scale tropical fisheries. She has particular experience in the Indian Ocean and her research has had a policy focus, working with national and international organisations to support fisheries management.

Research Interests

Sarah is an interdisciplinary fisheries scientist with a key interest in small-scale fisheries systems and their resilience. Her research has involved the use of statistical and population modelling to explore the impact of management strategies on target fish stocks and associated bycatch species. She is interested in rural livelihood strategies and how these influence fisheries dependence, vulnerability and capacity to adapt. She is currently exploring the impacts of climate change on reef fish assemblages and the fisheries they support, investigating dependence on reef species, how this correlates with socio-ecological predictors, and how it has altered following climate-related disturbance.

Selected Publications

  • Zhou S, Martin S, Fu D, Sharma R (2019) A hierarchical Bayesian approach to estimate growth parameters from length data of narrow spread. ICES Journal of Marine Science 77(2): 613-623.
  • Sharma R, Pons M, Martin SM, Kell L, Walter J, Lauretta M, Schirripa M (2017) Factors related to the decline and rebuilding of billfish stocks in the Atlantic and Indian oceans. ICES Journal of Marine Science 75(2): 880-891.
  • Martin SM, Lorenzen K (2016) Livelihood diversification in rural Laos. World Development 83: 231–243.
  • Martin SM, Lorenzen K, Bunnefeld N (2013) Fishing farmers: livelihood diversification and poverty in rural Laos. Human Ecology 41(5): 737-747.
  • Martin SM, Cambridge TA, Grieves C, Nimmo F, Agnew D (2012) An evaluation of the environmental changes in fisheries involved in the Marine Stewardship Council certification scheme. Reviews in Fisheries Science 20(2): 61-69.
  • Martin SM, Lorenzen K, Arthur RI, Kaisone P, Souvannalangsy K (2011) Impacts of dewatering on fish assemblages of tropical floodplain wetlands: a matter of frequency and context. Biological Conservation 144: 633-640.