Sophie Standen

Lancaster University


Sophie is an interdisciplinary social scientist and an EC funded ‘Hidden Hunger: Forgotten Food’ PhD student at Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC). Sophie has a BA in Social Anthropology from Queen’s University Belfast and an MSc in Global Development from the University of Copenhagen. Sophie has previously conducted research into community-based organisation in the U.S and Greece and has also researched water management in Tanzania, focusing on how small-scale fishers related to national water and conservation policies. Sophie is supervised by Prof. Christina Hicks, Dr. Giovanni Bettini and Dr. Pip Cohen (WorldFish).

Research Interests

Sophie’s PhD project is centred around the power and politics of food. She is broadly interested in the relationship between the environment, society and culture and how this relates to sustainability. More specifically, she is interested in how the power and politics of food shapes access to nutritious food and how this relates to food security. Sophie is interested in the cultural, gendered and social dimensions of community-based management of fisheries and what this means for small-scale fishers’ livelihoods, and also for the natural environment.

Selected Publications